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Our Solutions

Using Certified SAP Connections for SAP B1, SAP ECC and API integration lets our solutions stay flexible while offering a stable integration with little or even no coding. This means it can help your business right away!

Our experienced experts can easily set up such Windows-based tools in many business areas, such as Finance, Procurement, Operations, Human Resources, Sales and many more.

SAP B1 and SAP ECC Connectors leverage a Zero-Code landscape which supports your business in real time.

Using certified connections or API interface, send digitally signed PDFs to a client!

Electronic Signature FAQs

Learn more about electronic signatures and their uses.

Where Will The Counter-Signed Copy Go?

Counter-signed copy will automatically be archived into your SAP B1.

What Documents Can be Signed Electronically?

Theoretically any document can be electronically signed, however, you need to recongise the commercial intent and secure of exchanging a document, which can be sensitive depending on the content in question.

Are Electronic Signatures Legal?

At present, depending on your geographic location, they are likely accepted as legal and binding. Many countries are quickly adopting legalisation to keep up with the current Digtial Era.

The UK has made the decision to accept electronic signatures as proof of delivery however not legal binding.

If they haven’t, most countries are going to implement a digital signature variant, which has more noted security capabilities.

Which Documents Are Usually Signed Electronically?

Most internal commercial documents transitioning to electronic acceptance, as externally facing signing currently needs more security measures.

How Do I Carry Out An Electronic Signature In A PDF?

This can be done very simply and easily using our specialist software.

This software would take care of your security concerns and ease of use requirements.

How Do I Create An Electronic Signature For Free?

Use an image and embed the signed image directly onto the pdf. Some smartphones already have this capabilty.

How Do I Download An Electronic Signature?

Normally electronical signatures are send into a digital file, however, for PDF files you can verify the embedded properties.

How Can I Get My Signature Online?

Firstly, never allow your signature to be uploaded onto a server, portal or other system.

This is a valuable identifier of your person and akin to highlighting your bank details – try not to share wherever possible.

By using our free signature service we can provide you with a file which you can embed where needed.