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Still Have Some Questions?

Browse through some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from clients.

What Is The Aim Of Liberas Solutions?

We aim to simplify work by empowering SAP B1 focused organisations to automate document processes.

Are Your Solutions Compliant?

All of our solutions support GDPR, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and any other relevant laws or regulations which your business must adhere too.

Why Should I Use Liberas Solutions?

We remove the need for hard copies and paper attachments. Instead, we enable your business to keep track of documents in real time, check to see if their status has changed, and make sure they are finished successfully by using a digital signature.

What Is An Electronic Signature?

The act of embedding a signature onto a electronic document, with the intent of electroncially agreeing to the documents content. Not to be confused with Digital Signature which is far more secure.

How Do I Create An Electronic Signature?

There are two main ways of enbedding a signature onto a document.

  1. By using a trustworkthy specialist software which embeds the image of a signature.
  2. By attaching an image to the document, often using a pdf writer.